Orange County Moving & Storage provides basic moving insurance for your belongings that takes effect from the time your items first handled by our movers until your items reach your final destination.

However, our coverage is basic per the California PUC’s standard of $0.60 per pound of damages. For example, if your 30 pound screen TV is damaged, we’re required to reimburse in the amount of $18.00 ($0.60 x 30 pounds = $18.00). Therefore, we highly recommend purchasing additional coverage known as “third party insurance” through:

For full coverage insurance:

  Option #1: 1-800-682-1732
  Option #2 1-800-356-0093
  Option #3 1-888-893-8835

You must purchase your policy at least two days before your move begins

Full coverage of your belongings is your responsibility to arrange and is not offered by Orange County Moving & Storage. Due to California PUC law, movers CANNOT be held responsible for valuable items, such as cash, jewelry, documents, etc., so please make arrangements to transport these items personally.

Orange County Moving & Storage takes many precautions to avoid damages to your belongings. In the event damage occurs, the customer and crew are BOTH required to discuss the matter immediately to determine the cause. If damage results from a mistake on the part of Orange County Moving & Storage, every attempt will be made to assess the amount of damage and have it properly fixed. If an amount can be agreed upon between BOTH parties, the matter will be settled immediately with payment in full by Orange County Moving & Storage. If the amount cannot be settled immediately between BOTH parties, the moving invoice must still be paid in full as damage claims are not valid according to insurance regulations if the invoice remains unpaid. At this point, a claim will be filed with Orange County Moving & Storage to compensate you for any damages.