If you do not use a moving company, but take your move into your own hands, you will need to hire a moving truck. Trucks come in different sizes and at different prices, so you should identify the right offer for you. How big the moving truck should be, depends on the size of your moving goods and the distance between the current and the new flat. If you move in the same city, you can rent a smaller truck. On the move day, this will then have to do a few tours. Especially in the narrow streets of a city, where there is usually a lack of parking space, a small moving truck is easier. 


1. Driver’s license

Check which license class is required for the desired vehicle. With the normal driver’s license (class C) you can drive vehicles up to 10000 pounds. Trucks such as the International, Uhaul, Penske fall under this class.

With a large move, such as a family move from one house to another, or a long-distance move, you’re more likely to need a slightly larger moving truck (over 26000). In this case, you or one of your relocation helpers must have a class B driving license. If you do not have this driver’s license, we advise you to hire a moving company to transport your removals.

2. Insurance

Make sure that the tariff for the moving truck includes sufficient insurance. In addition to the comprehensive insurance, you have a few more insurance options available. Decide for yourself which risk you want to take and in which areas you want to protect yourself well in case of cases. If you are well protected when booking, you do not need to take out any additional insurance when picking up the moving truck. Many landlords try to sell at this point more insurance, but they are superfluous. So be well informed about the benefits of the insurance when you pick it up. The following insurance policies are recommended:

 –  Comprehensive insurance

An accident can always happen, no matter how carefully you drive. With a fully comprehensive insurance and a high coverage, you protect yourself against high costs in the event of an accident.

 –  Car Liability Insurance

In addition, you can, if you want, take out a rental car insurance. This covers damage to objects and people who are not in the rented vehicle. 

 – Theft insurance

As the name implies, you protect yourself against theft costs in case the truck is stolen. With this insurance, you can usually choose to take out insurance with or without deductibles. Due to the high costs in case of theft, insurance without deductible is recommended.

3. How much is a moving truck?

The price depends on the vehicle size, the rental period (hours or days) and the company. The price difference can be as big as 50 to 350 dollars for a smaller transporter for 8 hours. Pay special attention to what is included in the price. How many free miles are there? What liability is included? To keep the rental period as low as possible, you should be ready to pack when you pick up the moving truck. If possible, place the move day on a weekday. Then you have greater chances to rent a truck cheaply. But especially with a move to self-direction you are on friends as reliable helpers. And they will not sacrifice a holiday for your move. So pay attention early on offers of truck rental companies. Some offer good weekend deals, especially for Sundays.

Save costs

As a rule, you can save money if you move on a weekday. Even if you tend to move at the beginning or in the middle of a month, you can find cheaper deals.

When moving to another city, it is often not necessary to bring the truck back to where you picked it up. Many truck rental companies offer one-way prices for longer distances. You can rent a moving truck in one city and return it in another city.

If you have a trailer hitch, renting a trailer could be the cheaper alternative to a moving trailer.

4. Rent A Moving Truck: Conclusion

Moving companies’ trucks are ideally suited for the move because they can transport heavy moving goods easily. However, you often need a truck driver’s license. With the driving license class C, you can drive vehicles up to 10000 pounds.

Ask also for moving companies. If you want to rent a truck, you should have the car explained to you. Because such a moving truck does not drive every day. Let’s show you where the warning triangle and the first aid kit are, how and what is fueled and if there are special features in the gearshift. Also, note the mileage and check the car for external damage. Ask the truck rental company about how long the moving truck is. This is important to know when applying for a holding permit.

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