Do you want to rent a moving truck? Then you should prepare yourself how you can use the interior most sensibly. The smarter you load the moving truck, the faster the move will take place and the less time you will have to rent the van. It is important that all moving boxes are packed, disassembled the furniture and everything is ready for transport when you pick up the moving van.

But how do you use the loading area of the rental car correctly or optimally? The limited space for moving your belongings sometimes becomes a problem. Orange County Moving Company came up with few tips for loading the moving truck easily. An optimal use of the cubic meters available to you and the safe operation of the operations should not stand in the way of these tips.

1. Free the way from the front door to the moving truck

Make sure that there are no obstacles on the way from the apartment to the truck when loading the moving truck. Parked moving boxes or objects to be transported along the way can very easily become a trip hazard and thus also an accident cause. The personal safety of your helpers and you must be at the forefront of this physically demanding job.

Make sure that the transport routes from the apartment to the moving truck are free and as short as possible. In addition you best order a no-hold zone for the move day. In this way, you have a parking space secured and you can rest in the moving truck loaded without honking and cursing motorists or even a traffic ticket.

2. Loading the Moving Truck: Large items first or the boxes first?

Many movers believe that they must first pack the large and unwieldy items in the moving truck. The smaller boxes are then used to fill the empty rooms above, below and in between. Note that there is no universal rule here and there are different solutions from different moving companies. Some people use the following trick to save space on the moving trailer:
Several moving professionals initially stack a wall of moving boxes (floor to ceiling) on the back wall of the cargo hold. The advantage is that the boxes have similar (often exactly the same) dimensions, making them very suitable for stacking. Thus, only a small amount of space between the boxes and the existing cubic meters are used optimally.
If you decide to load the moving truck for this variant, you have to make sure that there is enough room left in front of the cardboard wall for the large pieces of furniture. One or the other moving box can also be easily transported in a normal car if it no longer fits in the truck.

3. Do not spare securing straps, packing material and blankets

The items should, of course, survive the transport as unscathed as possible. There is a simple rule for this: do not spare blankets, packing material and seat belts when moving around. 

If you are moving large pieces of furniture, you will need to secure them to the walls of the truck with straps to keep everything in place safely and undamaged. Another good tip is, for example, to put old blankets under the mattresses before the move. 

From the very beginning, make sure to place the boxes and furniture as stable as possible on the moving truck, and the particularly large and heavy equipment (such as the refrigerator ) must still be strapped tightly. Additionally, make sure to place the boxes and furniture as stable as possible on the moving truck, and the particularly large and heavy equipment (such as the refrigerator ) must still be strapped tightly. After everything is well stowed, secured and padded, there is still a very important point for safe transport – the loaded moving truck should be driven to the new home with moderate speed.

4. Mirrors and Pictures

Particularly fragile objects, such as larger mirrors and picture frames with glass, can be stacked well between mattresses. The mattress wall provides extra protection for these items. However, it is advisable to wrap pictures and mirrors extra in packing material. When clearing out, do not forget where you have stowed these items when loading the moving truck, otherwise, it can still come to shards.

5. Disassemble the furnishings

In order to make optimal use of the cargo space, there are other tricks when packing moving parcels. Some pieces of furniture are simply very bulky and thus make it difficult to stably load. Tables are often such a moving nightmare. Especially coffee tables and garden furniture sometimes have very impractical dimension. It pays off in such cases to take these pieces of furniture apart before loading the moving truck.

6. Loading the moving truck with evenly distributed weights

Try to distribute the weight of the goods as well as possible even with the moving truck. The car will thus be easier to handle, and also have better cornering. This is especially beneficial if there are perhaps more difficult conditions for moving, such as a wet road in the rain or even a move in winter in snowfall.

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