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Moving a small load is not easy. Change of address involves a lot of complications. OC mini movers have been the leading company for years in the moving industry with distinction in small moves

The right solution for Small Moves

Are you planning to move to another state and not take too much with you?  Why should you pay high? You have to choose a moving company that provides small size equipment at an affordable price.

What could be the small load?

  • A studio or one-bedroom apartment
  • Household appliances, sofas, hot tubs, pianos, wardrobes, and other items
  • Also, include the typical dorm or college student move
  • Office furniture
  • Dining set, Antiques

Local Movers Small Load

OC Mini Movers are your local small load moving company that gets your belongings and household safely and securely. It is that Local Movers small load that acquaints you with its affordable rates and trained professionals.


Why do we consider OC Mini Movers the Best Small Load Moving Company?

We understand that small load moving is a unique task. OC mini mover strives to treat the small load with love and care. We know that our customers expect the best care and attention that we pay with our larger load. So we do. We take the best safety measures to prevent our customers’ stuff from any accidents and damages. This unique characteristic of OC mini movers makes us the best small load moving company.

                              We always give priority to our customer’s satisfaction.

Facilitate with our smart packing and unpacking services for small moves

You are moving less, but you have to pack it to secure it from any damage. OC Mini movers offer a secure and reliable packing facility. You can choose from our full and partial packing options and get ready to organize at your new place. We also provide an unpacking service option to facilitate you even more.

  • Choose from full and partial Packing options
  • Secure and reliable facility
  • Unpacking and arranging facility also available

Small Moves Storage service

Do you need to store your precious stuff in between your small move? OC mini movers are completely equipped to develop all of your storage needs while moving, whether it is a long-term or short-term storage service. We offer storage facilities for any long or short distance move of any size.

  • Long as well as short-term storage service.
  • No need to worry about the security of your stuff
  • Smoothly run all the process of moving

Secure and reliable service

Are you under stress to move your small loads of damage? You have to enjoy our secure and reliable service instead of getting worried. We do care for our customer’s fragile households as our belongings. We understand the emotions of our respectable customers who have unlimited memories attached to their stuff. So, we pay extra attention to securely move the small loads without any miss management.

  • Safely move your fragile belongings.
  • Manage all the schedules professionally.
  • Arrive at the exact dates discussed

Our experienced and well-trained staff is quite humble and careful about your stuff. We do not show any panic if we have to stay in difficult parking locations. If the area to park the truck is limited, the staff will stay there and spend more time completing the work.

  • Patient and humble staff
  • Never get frightened
  • Spend extra time        

If your desired place is somewhat on the 3rd or 4th floor and unfortunately it doesn’t have an elevator. The staff will also have a more difficult job, time-consuming to move your household to or from the truck. The cost may be more than the negotiated before. OC mini movers do not bother their customers by giving them surprises. We do not imply any hidden cost to maintain a long-term relationship with our respected customers. We believe in making strong relationships rather than being professional.

  • Acquaint you with the moving control and speed
  • No surprises and hidden cost
  • Cheaper transportation

OC Mini Mover offers discounts to their valuable customers to provide them the best customer care support service. This attribute makes us unique among the other small load moving service providers.

  • Maintain relationship by offer discounts
  • Unique and convenient expertise
  • Simplified planning and budgeting

“I would like to appreciate the OC mini movers. They are the best small load moving service providers. As my load was small it took only 15 minutes to get my stuff with me. The movers were punctual and humble. Will surely hire them again!”

“My friend’s company needed to shift its entire woodwork and glass tables towards another location, and his boss gave him the responsibility to move those precious items. He was a bit nervous about any damage. I recommended OC mini movers to him. According to my friend. The staff arrived on time. They were very experienced at lifting heavy breakables and fragile glass very easily”

“OC Mini Movers are awesome! They charged much more reasonably. Also, the employees are polite and professional. The staff delivers expert-friendly service at the most affordable price. Thank you so much!”

What if I need to hire Appliance Movers?

Appliances including dishwashers, refrigerators, washing machines, and drying machines are typically moved under the strict observance of specially trained professionals. These appliances and their small, mechanized parts can get damaged easily. Shipping your devices with an inexperienced staff can be risky.

 How much will the short-distance small movers cost?

If you have only a single writing table to move down from a flight of stairs, the company needs to send their employees with a truck to accomplish the moving process. It will be good to negotiate earlier about the hours billed, the size of the crew, and the minimum cost to avoid any awkward situation.

What is meant by the less-than-truckload move?

When you do not have to hire an entire truck, there is also a facility to share some space on the back of another truck. That truck should be heading in the same direction you need to go. This will keep your costs low.

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